The Sensible Choice for Your Website Server

For any webmaster, the choice of a domain host is one of the most important aspects in the operation of their websites. Depending on the size and the importance of your web site, you have two main options when deciding the type of hosting. You can choose to go with a shared host or opt for dedicated hosting.

There are several differences among the two types of hosts available to you, but one feature differentiates the two. With a shared host, there are many other web sites hosted on the respective server in addition to your own. By contrast, dedicated hosting offers you the advantage of 'renting' a whole server for your own purposes without having to share bandwidth with other webmasters.

The differences between the two in terms of the service you can expect are obvious. The advantages in speed and customization are impressive in the case of dedicated hosting. While shared servers offer reliable service, your website may operate more slowly due to sharing bandwidth with others being hosted. Dedicated servers however tend to cost a great deal more than shared servers.

Which type of server is right for you? First


consider the purpose of your website. Do you have a serious, expanding and profitable business online? Or are you just making a personal web site or running a small business? Depending on the answers to these important questions, you will decide on a shared or dedicated server. There are a few other parameters you will need to consider before choosing one company or another, as well.

You will be provided with a certain amount of hard disk space for your website by a server, measured in GB. Donít think just in the immediate present if you intend to expand your business site. Think on the long run about how much disk space you will need to allow your business to expand without having to switch servers right away.


Check to see if the company you are considering provides you with enough bandwidth for the needs of your site. This is very important, because if your potential customers see a slow loading web site, they will automatically exit it.


You must be able to access this feature easily. Most hosting services provide you with cpanel, while others customize it. Whatever the case may be, make sure it is easily accessible and usable.

So, is your business a small one, a big one, or is it just a hobby? Before choosing shared or dedicated hosting or one company over another, decide what you hope to achieve with your website. It is entirely possible your needs may change in the future, and it might make sense to start with a shared host.

Re-evaluate the demands and needs of your business often whether you start small or start big. You can then switch servers responsibly in response to economic demands.


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