Internet Marketing: Hosting Wisely  

This third article in our 'Getting Started' series will address the issue of getting a hosting account. If you are serious about Internet marketing, youíll need your own website because trying to run a business off other peopleís web pages just doesnít work.

Though you can rely on affiliate pages to do the work, should you? Everyone else uses those pages. Iíd say, 'No!' You can use a free blog, too, but will it be the best blog for Internet marketing? No! The best blog is one hosted on your own server because you can then customize it according to the needs of your business.

The worst type of hosting, though, is free hosting. Did you ever hear, 'You have to spend money to make money?' Well, itís as true online as it is offline. The sites you get from places like Angelfire and Tripod are great for personal websites, but they suck for business. Those self-serving ads that the free services house on your free website will allow you no credibility as an Internet marketing business because people just wonít take you seriously.

Thereís no way around paying for a monthly subscription to a hosting service. Donít buy the cheapest or the most expensive. What I recommend is cPanel hosting. That way, you also get Fantastico, which makes setting up a Word Press blog on your own server very, very easy. Plus, you can choose to make the blog look any way you want it to and take advantage of all the free themes and plug-ins that are available.

Though some considerations donít seem like such a big deal to you now, they will be and you need to plan your Internet marketing business out before you start. Decide how much bandwidth youíre going to need. For example, if youíre running an article directory or a free traffic site, youíre going to need tons of bandwidth because of all the visitors. But if youíre working in affiliate marketing, you probably can do with much less. In fact, you can probably get the perfect set up for about $10 a month.

Just be sure to consider the options. Choice of a web host is a very important consideration. You want a reliable host with almost 100% uptime and that has good support. Having a good web host is important with Internet marketing because you canít make money when your website is down. Find one that will make sure you never have to worry, and learn more about getting a web host at Tellmanís List Building Club, where itís all explained on video.

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